Influenced by the Scandinavian and Japanese ideals of simple, honest design and craftsmanship, we eschew all extraneous fastenings, hardware and branding and focus instead on high quality materials and understated luxury. This stealth-luxe approach means that our products are of reassuringly high quality, yet are designed for everyday use.

We have chosen to work with small, family-owned factories in England and Wales whose business ethics are similar to our own. We support British suppliers and craftspeople where possible, therefore minimising our impact on the environment as far as we are able to. Most of our materials are sourced from British or European companies: our beautifully crafted Riri zips are made in Italy by a Swiss company, our silk is supplied by our printers in the North of England, and our Italian leather is sourced by a British company.

We have so far been unable to find a British company to hand roll the edges of our silk scarves, so we have given them a deliberately soft, frayed edge. This we can have done at a small family-owned business in Macclesfield, and we know for sure that no child labour is utilised, and no other human rights have been violated. If we find somewhere in the UK to hand roll our edges with these assurances, then maybe we’ll change them in the future.

For all wholesale enquiries, please go to our Contacts page and email or call us.