The original Popperwell


We make simple, honest products that we hope will quietly and effortlessly work their way into your wardrobes. Products that will work with your clothes from COS, or Acne, or H&M, or Zara, or Celine, or Prada, YMC, Nike or Folk. Basically, we want whatever you already have to be merely enhanced by the things we make. We want them to look like they belong to you; that they belong with you.

The woman in the photo above is Katie Popperwell. She is a writer, and our friend. Her androgynous, minimalist style inspires us greatly and is represented in the understated POPPERWELL TOTE from our first collection. She is featured in the first lookbook in her own clothes, alongside our friend Will (a carpenter and excellent dresser with a rapier sharp wit), and Chanel – a model who we represent at our other company AGENCIE. Chanel is a law student, and she’s gentle, and kind, and erudite.

The decision to use this stylish threesome in our first lookbook was an easy one, and marks the start of a tradition that we will most likely continue for as long as we make products. Because, quite simply, our friends spark inspiration in us and we are fascinated by the way they work, dress, socialise, and relax.

We hope that this blog will be a place for us to document our progression, and highlight the importance of supporting small businesses through our entire manufacturing process. It’s hard starting a business! But so worthwhile.

So, hello and welcome. Please come back soon.